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Retail Solutions

Are you a retailer? Have a look at some of the possible solutions we can develop for your business. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us, we'll develop together the perfect solution for you


Smarter customer experience

A consumer expects companies to anticipate their needs, to have the products they want and to communicate with them in real-time. With the solutions we offer, retailers have the ability to combine customer data results with inventory level or price promotion data to determine which products are sold in each store. This ensures that the products presented correspond to the shopping habits of the customers of each site.

Social media to forecast trends

Nowadays, businesses with data-centric strategies are becoming more and more successful due to their ability to understand their data and make business decisions from them. With Data-Smart Team, you can expand your business, considering the newest tendencies of your data. 

Boosting recommendation

It has been reported that more than 35% of all Amazon sales are generated by their referral engine. The principle is pretty basic: based on a user’s purchase history, items he already has in his shopping cart, items he has noticed or liked in the past, and what other customers have seen or bought recently, recommendations on other products are automatically generated.

Analyzing the Path to Purchase

While marketers have been studying Path to Purchase techniques for many years, the advent of Data Science enables them to make the most of this type of analysis.


The rise of multichannel marketing in retail and omnichannel sales has created a lot of different paths that customers can follow to buy a product. Machine learning tools can help understand customers’ buying habits and focus on what exactly works in the real world.

Optimizing prices

In many cases, setting the right price requires knowing what is the behavior of the market, what your competitors are charging. These data can be collected electronically using algorithms that explore the online market and defined a optimal  price  to penetrated the market.

Maximising the inventory

Optimizing inventories is an operation that affects many aspects of the supply chain and ofterequires close coordination between manufacturers and distributors. This is possible thanks to shipping algorithms that determine which products to store by taking into account external data such as macroeconomic conditions, climate data and social data.

Customer service

You can provide your users with a new way to interact with you on any platform. We can exploit natural language processing 

techniques to develop a custom solution for you.

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