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Healthcare Solutions

Are you interested in healthcare? Have a look at some of the possible solutions we can develop for your business.

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Medical image analysis

Our solutions will allow you to: Improve the medical images quality, extract data from images more efficiently, and provide the most accurate interpretation.

Virtual assistance for patients and customer support

The AI-powered mobile apps can provide basic healthcare support, usually as chatbots. You simply describe your symptoms, or ask questions, and then receive key information about your medical condition derived from a wide network linking symptoms to causes.

Predictive medicine: prognosis and diagnostic accuracy

Common cases include the prognosis of disease progress or prevention to reduce the risk and negative outcomes. The main benefit is the improvement of the quality of life for patients and the quality of working conditions for doctors.

Creation of drugs

The data science and machine learning algorithms simplify and shorten this process, adding a perspective to each step from the initial screening of drug compounds to the prediction of success rate based on the biological factors

Optimizing prices

In many cases, setting the right price requires knowing what is the behavior of the market, what your competitors are charging. These data can be collected electronically using algorithms that explore the online market and defined a optimal  price  to penetrated the market.

Customer service

You can provide your users with a new way to interact with you, on any platform. We can exploit natural language processing 

techniques to develop a custom solution for you.

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