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Energy Solutions

Are you interested in energy? Have a look at some of the possible solutions we can develop for your business. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us, we'll develop together the perfect solution for you


Failure probability modeling

Active application of failure probability modeling helps to increase performance, predict occasional failures in the functioning and as a result to reduce maintenance costs.

Outage detection and prediction

Modern smart power outage communication systems are capable of: Predicting the influence of several factors on the power grid, detecting possible outages by smart meter events, real-time filtering of outage inputs and recognition of the outage type.

Dynamic energy management

Dynamic energy management systems belong to the innovative approach to managing the load. This type of management covers all the conventional energy management principles concerning demand, distributed energy sources, and demand-side management along with modern energy challenges like energy saving, temporary load, and demand reduction.

Smart Grid security and theft detection

Energy theft may be regarded as one of the most expensive types of theft. Therefore, energy companies make great efforts to prevent it. With our solutions you'll be able to secure and identify the points of theft on the grid.

Preventive equipment maintanance

Smart data solutions, sensors, and trackers are used to collect the defined metrics, process and analyze the data. On the basis of the output the smart systems alert the energy outage, the poor functioning of the mechanisms and urge people to take right and immediate decisions.

Managing demand response

Under conditions of a constant search for renewable energy sources and the need to use energy efficiently, smart energy management is at the peak of its popularity.

Real-time customer billing

With this solution, you will improve quality and eliminate delays, misunderstanding or disputable in the billing process of your clients, by defined metrics, after processing and analyzing the data of your clients. 

Improving operational efficiency

Energy and utility companies use smart data applications and software to detect the matters, operations and functions worth of optimization. Real-time monitoring provides data concerning time, activity rate, state of some operations. Data science here is used for modeling of various situations and prediction of possible efficiency rates under various circumstances.

Customer service

You can provide your users with a new way to interact with you, on any platform. We can exploit natural language processing 

techniques to develop a custom solution for you.

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